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Sell Your Used Books

Sell Your Used School Books Here

Sign up as a seller on our Facebook Group and list your products for sale. Listing your books is safe, easy, and FREE. Bring your books to our store and let us do it. We'll take care of the marketing and order processing logistics, and we'll pay you fast. 

Join our Facebook Group:

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 Join the Buy and Sell Group
List your books/upload your pictures
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How does it work?

  • Join the group and add your friends as group members.
  • Upload pictures of your book. You must add the title of each book in the description of your listing.
  • Set your own selling price. We can help suggest a price or search our website to find the original prices.
  • Bring your books to our store and let us do it for you. Take advantage of our comprehensive online marketing to reach thousands of buyers throughout the country.
  • Get notified by email as soon as your book is sold.
  • Come to our store to exchange your book in a safe environment if you sell it through facebook.
  • Sell as many books as you have!