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Xenio 200 Fingerprint Time Clock

$2.00 BZD
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Recommended for clean, small office environments
Real time “Push” technology - See everything as it happens
Built in Wi-Fi, no need to run cables (optional)


The extra large fingerprint sensor captures more data points and makes it easier to verify users. And coupled with the world’s #1 algorithm as per evaluation by U.S. government NIST PFT II, makes the Xenio 200 the best in class.


Records a snapshot of the user at the time of verification.


  • Fingerprint Technology: Optical Imaging
  • Image resolution: 500DPI
  • Scanning area: 17.4 mm x 13mm
  • Identification Methods: 1:1 or 1:N
  • User Capacity: 1000 / 10,000 Optional
  • Fingerprint capacity: 10,000 / (up to 100,000 optional)
  • Standards: ANSI-378, ISO1974 Certified with NIST Minex-III, PIV, FBI WSQ and most industry biometric standards and interoperability spectral imaging