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MODICO A25 Alluminium Mount, Round AS/FS

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MODICO A25 Aluminum Mount, Round AS/FS
  • Marks Permanently
  • Its simple design and high-grade aluminum alloy lend it an elegant appeal
  • The stamping plate is personalized and contains enough ink for hundreds of imprints.
  • Refilling simply requires the housing to be unscrewed.
  • The indelible imprint is perfectly sharp and dries quickly.

Examples of use

identifications, plates (painted, unpainted), CDs, roof tiles, data carriers, discs, documents, tins, identification markings, barrels, labels (laminated, painted), folded boxes (laminated, painted), photos, photo bags, driving licenses, rigid foam, high gloss brochures, jute bags, printed boards, engine parts, adhesive tapes, passports, identification cards, tarpaulins, quality controls, pipes (plastic, metal), bags (paper), signs, steel ware, stamp-knobs, wallpapers, clay, videotapes, rolled sheet metals, tin foils. 

The imprint size is ⌀25mm