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Magnet Round 18Pc 12Mm

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  • CAN BE USED FOR: heavy-duty DIY, crafts, workshop, warehouse and garage organization, decor, scientific, industrial, educational and manufacturing needs, do-it-yourself, jewelry-making and other hobby and home improvement projects.
  • CAN BE USED AS: Welding Clamps, Oil Filters, Stud Finders and Picking up Stray Nails and Screws, Metal Detectors, Magnetic Therapy, Magic Tricks and Levitation Experiments, Remagnetizing Old Magnets, Removing Dents from Brass Musical Instruments, Tool / Knife Holders
  • ALSO AS: Holding Wings on Model Airplanes, Cabinet Latches, Miniature Wargaming and modeling, Christmas Light and Decoration Hangers, Building Generators, Science Experiments, Pierce-free Body Jewelry, Refrigerator Magnets, Accelerating the Aging of Wine and Liquor