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Ac500 Smart Fingerprint Door Access Terminal

$2.00 BZD
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With it’s patented biometric technology, and coupled with the world’s most advance algorithm the Xenio-AC500 is able to verify anyone, in any condition. It’s advance fake finger detection adds a higher level of security.

The Xenio-AC500 was designed with an IP-67 housing ideal for extreme outdoor environments, working underwater,  dust and wet conditions, without compromising efficiency and reliability.

With the dual-frequency smart card reader take advantage of the highest level of security and convenience in any smart card terminal today. The Xenio-AC500 offers dual-frequency dynamic support of multiple credential technologies, including iClass Seos, iClass SE, iCLASS standard, HID Prox, Prox standard EM, NFC, Felica MiFARE Classic and Mifare DESfire EV1.