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Xenio-500 Smart Contactless Time Clock

$2.00 BZD
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Advanced Xenio fingerprint time clock. Designed for small and medium size business with smart functions. Interactive 5" Color Touch Screen.

The Xenio 500 is full of features that will make the running of your business much easier and productive.

  • Restrict Early In/Late out (control costly overtime)
  • Employee Self-Service (empowering employees to check their own schedules)
  • Intuitive Notification Screens
  • Scheduling
  • Messaging (prompts allow easy communication with staff)
  • Custom Questions
  • Job Costing (track labour costs for specific projects)
  • Time Cards (employees can view their time logs)
  • Fingerprint Technology: Patented Multi
    spectral imaging
  • Image resolution: 500DPI
  • Scanning area: 17.4 mm x 13mm
  • Identification Methods: 1:1 or 1:N
  • Fingerprint capacity: 1000 /
    (up to 10,000 optional)
  • Image Standards: ANSI378, ISO1974
  • Certified with Minex, PIV, and most industry biometric standards and interoperability

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