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Canon Calculator Ls-100Ts 10 Dig

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Display Type: LCD
Digits Displayed: 10 Digits
Angled display: Angled Display
Dimensions4.1 (W) x 5.3 (L) x 1.3 (H) (103mm x 135mm x 32mm)
Weight2.9 oz. (82g)
  • 10 digits
  • Profit margin calculation
  • Quick and easy tax calculation
  • Square root, sign change, and memory keys
  • Attractive metallic design

    Now you can calculate advanced formulas on this handheld display unit, then drop it into your pocket and run.

    The LS-100TS incorporates new and improved features including cost, sell and margin calculations which ensures it will come in handy for both business and personal needs.

    It also offers specific keys designed to perform advanced Profit margin calculation, for example, so sales professionals can calculate the selling price of an item based on the cost and desired profit margin with the touch of two keys.