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Lil' Bratz-Giant Coloring And Activity Book-Lil'Shoppin' Adventures!

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Over 100 pages. More than just a Coloring Book with interesting topics, such as 'What is Your Style? (Modern, Simplicity, Independent...) - Write a sentence about your passion - Use these pages to write about the wonderful things happening in your life... - Ideas to increase the happiness in your life (offer to do a chore, list the cool people in your life, give your mother a kiss...) - A Chinese Zodiac section to determine which animal and personality you are - Fashion & decorating activities, such as: Use different shades to color 3 tops & skirts then decide which one is best - A paper doll with outfits to color & cut out - Design your own T-shirt (4 pages) - Design your own convertible; what accessories would it have? - What are your favorite items to decorate your bedroom?