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Phonics - Level B

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Level B

Beginner's level program geared toward helping your child develop foundational reading skills. During this portion of the "Plaid" Phonics program, your child can focus on developing the following skills:

  • Read simple multisyllabic words, such as "open."
  • Read and understand words with prefixes and suffixes, and be able to isolate the meaning of those prefixes and suffixes.
  • Notice mistakes he or she makes when reading aloud, and correct them.
  • Read age-appropriate words that have irregular spellings, such as "half."

Students are empowered to become independent readers, with greater emphasis on word analysis, vocabulary, comprehension, and writing. Level B engages children with more advanced phonics skill lessons focus on increasing fluency and critical thinking activities to help process words more efficiently and with meaning.

MCP "Plaid" Phonics works side by side with Spelling Workout to reinforce key spelling and phonics skills.