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The Alchemy Of Words Vol. 1

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SKU 9789768161175
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Editor: Deryck Satchwell
Publisher: Cubola Productions
Editorial team: Gail Brooks. Isela Garay, Luisa Gillet, Alva Marin, Emil Pulido and Yvette Sanker
Cover: Paperback 
Edition: 8th Edition, June 2014
ISBN: 978-976-8161-17-5

This two-volume anthology for first and second form students includes prose, poetry, and drama, and it introduces the major genres of literature. Teachers and students can use the creative and challenging supplemental materials to analyze these Belizean works of literature and to relate to them to their own life experiences. Taking its title from Rudolph Smith’s poem “Words,” this book focuses on developing students’ ability to “tease apart” words—English and Kriol—and appreciation their use in the craft of writing